Factors In CD Duplication

The process of writing data to a recordable CD can
be a complex process, because it demands a lot from both
equipment and software packages. Much of this
complexity is hidden from the user by this system,
although you should be aware of the factors.

The amount of information you are writing is much
less crucial than whether or not it includes big
or several tiny files. If there are a lot of
little files, the device may have difficulties with
locating and opening the files quickly enough to
deliver them efficiently towards the CD recording drive.

The computer
Any disruption that may happen is deadly to CD
duplication, and that means you should make sure that your
CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT do not load any TSR
utilities which may interrupt operations. Screen
savers, alarms and reminders, or inbound faxes
could also kill disc writing. You should also turn
off network sharing so no one will access the files
that you’re trying to write, as this might also
kill your disk recording.

Hard Drive Speed
To write a graphic towards the CD, the hard drive from
that you simply are composing should have a transfer rate
that is quick sufficient to help keep the memory buffer complete
into the CD recorder. This usually means an average
hard disk access time of 19 MS or better.

When your hard disk needs to search everywhere over
a fragmented hard disk for the info to be written,
it may cause the procedure to slow down if not
cause a fatal mistake. Therefore, be sure to
fragment your hdd.

Recording speed
Many new CD recorders and also some older ones,
are designed for writing at two (often even four)
times the conventional playback. It should be possible
so that you can find the rate; as even though fast
recording is an occasion saver, it can also cause some
bad circumstances.

When you copy an ISO (image file) through the hard
disk to a CD, the rate is rarely a problem while the
image is already one big file when the
files and structures are already in order and
split into CD-ROM sectors.

Once you write from a digital image, things can
get a bit trickier. So that you can duplicate to CD, the
system must talk to the database to get
where each file is going into the image and where
it is kept in the hard disk drive.

Then, it should start the file, divide it into CD-ROM
sectors, as well delivering the data in a
smooth continuous stream towards the recorder. Finding
and starting the file is a little more time consuming,
as writing is more challenging for those who have a lot
of little files.

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